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Your body is a biomechanical instrument with complex muscles, joints and nerve that work together to allow your body to move and function. Dr Logan's approach is to take his extensive training to take simple or complicated neuromusculoskeletal disorders and evaluate your body movements, biomechanics, posture and muscle/joint dysfunctions to see what needs to change for proper healing. Each individual presents with different pain and dysfunction. His personalized approach ensures each patient receives the care they need.

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At South Shore Spine and Sports Injury in Braintree, MA, Dr. Logan uses his expertise in skilled hands-on treatment such as spine/joint manipulation, myofascial release, nerve glide/flossing, muscle release therapy, assisted neurostretching and spinal decompression techniques. He has been trained and certified in post-doctorate orthopedics, spinal rehabiliation and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. 

As a former college athlete and chiropractic patient, he benefited greatly from chiropractic care. He took this passion to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine. He continues to pursue excellence in patient care with advanced training and eduction to bring his experience and knowledge to his patients so they can receive the best and most effective care possible. He now practices collaboratively with and in the office of Blue Hills PT in Braintree.  

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Mark Logan


Chiropractic Medicine

Dr Logan specializes in manual medicine using highly skilled hands on treatment with spine and joint manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, active release techniques, movement stretching to restore muscle and skeletal function. His goal to restore function with movement and reduce their pain with his patients. He has advanced certification in orthopedics, muscle therapy, exercise rehabilitation and strength conditioning